Transition Info

Thank you to everyone who has helped during the transition from XSEDE to ACCESS. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience during our pause in services that started back on August 16. ACCESS is now live and allocation processes have resumed. We welcome you to take time to browse what’s new, catch up on any items that may have been unavailable to you for the past few weeks, and seek out the various ways to get involved in the ACCESS ecosystem!

Proposals submitted to the August 2022 XRAC meeting have been reviewed, and awards were finalized by the XSEDE allocations team. The ACCESS team will be processing those awards soon. Researchers can expect email notifications before September 15.

Researchers who have current project allocations that were awarded via XSEDE – including projects awarded at the August 22 XRAC meeting – should notice no changes to their resource access after August 31. You can keep using your current allocations until they expire or you need to scale up your work.

For large-scale projects that expire on December 31, the ACCESS team recommends planning to submit a proposal during the usual September 15 to October 15 submission window under the existing XRAC guidelines. Researchers whose needs are at the smaller end of the scale should review the new ACCESS Allocations information to see if the new opportunities are suited to your needs.

Here are some highlights that pertain to Allocations:

  • Check out some of the major changes to the allocation policies.
  • Read more about the new opportunities available for requesting allocations on NSF-funded CI Resources.
  • Sign up to provide merit reviews of ACCESS allocation requests through the allocations review committee.

For more information on the ACCESS program check out the content as they relate to the other service tracks: