Resource Providers

Once researchers and educators get an account, they can apply for an allocation to receive credits that you can exchange for time on resources in the marketplaceā€”these resources are funded by separate awards and are operated by a number of Resource providers. For more information about resources currently available, click here.

Resource providers are at the center of the ACCESS Allocations Marketplace, making research possible for the diverse community that ACCESS serves. Resource providers are responsible for reviewing credit exchange requests for their respective resources that are available through ACCESS allocations. The resource provider will ensure that the research and or educational objectives being targeted by the requesting investigator are appropriate for the intended purposes of their resources. If the research objectives do not align with the requested resource the resource provider will recommend resources that are better-suited for the intended purposes.

Due to variation in size, scale, and scope of resources available for request, resource providers must also be cognizant of the number of and size of allocations made on their systems. Some resource providers may have a larger or smaller percentage of their resource dedicated to ACCESS investigators. Depending on the current availability of their systems, resource providers may limit the amounts of credits exchanged.

For more information on current ACCESS Credit exchange rates, click here.

Integrating into ACCESS

If you are already a resource provider and were involved in the NSF's XSEDE project as a service provider, you're familiar with some of the big picture. The ACCESS program is different in some aspects of how we service the scientific community.

If you're interested in becoming a resource provider or need more information about how to integrate as a resource provider to ACCESS, click here.

If you are interested, we welcome resource providers to participate in the ACCESS Allocations Review Committee.