Preparing Your Discover ACCESS Request

To request a Discover ACCESS allocation, you must submit a one-page description of your proposed use of ACCESS resources. You can also ask for an advisory review from the community to guide you to appropriate resources. Do not include any proprietary information. Your description should include the sections outlined below. Documents should have 1-inch margins, and 11pt or larger font size. Readability is the goal. More information on formatting is available here.

In addition to the one-page description, you should also prepare an abstract that you can paste into the online submission form. The abstract should summarize your planned activities and intended use of resources. The abstract should be suitable for public consumption, since it may be included on various ACCESS web pages. The lead investigators on the request should also have their CVs or resumes as PDF files to be included with your request.

When your request is ready to submit, you can do that here.

Project Information

  • Title of project

  • Title of supporting grant (if merit-review funded)

  • Agency and funding award number

  • Name and institution of Project Lead

Research or Education Objectives

Briefly describe the objectives you plan to pursue—whether they are research questions, classroom exercises, gateway operations, or other activities—and how cyberinfrastructure resources will help you accomplish them.

Description of Resource Needs

Describe the sort of resources you expect to use within the ACCESS ecosystem. If you're not entirely sure, describe why you are making this request so we can help you identify appropriate resources. If you'd like to request an advisory review, it's helpful to include the one or two top questions you'd like the reviewers to consider. If you already have a certain resource or resources in mind, name them and describe why they are appropriate for your planned work.

Answers to the following questions are particularly helpful in guiding you to resources that will work for you.

  • Are there specific computing architectures that are most appropriate (e.g. GPUs, large memory, large core counts on shared memory nodes, etc.)?

  • What are the storage needs of the project?

  • Do you need specific software to complete the work?