Preparing Your Accelerate ACCESS Request

To request an Accelerate ACCESS allocation, all that you have to do is describe your proposed work in no more than three (3) pages, which you will upload as a PDF. The description should include the sections outlined below and address the review criteria. Documents should have 1-inch margins, and 11pt or larger font size. Readability is the goal. More information on formatting is available here.

Reminder: please do not include any proprietary information.

You should also have ready a CV for the PI and any co-PIs as PDF files. NSF- or NIH-formatted biosketches are acceptable. If you have a funding grant associated with the work, you will be asked to enter grant details in the submission form.

When your request is ready to submit, you can do that here.

Project Information

  • Title of project

  • Title of supporting grant (if merit-review funded)

  • Agency and funding award number

  • Name and institution of Project Lead

  • Submission date


The abstract should include:

  • A summary of the science questions.

  • A summary of the computational plan.

Science Objectives

Briefly describe the science objectives. Provide sufficient information to help reviewers understand how your computational experiments will help you meet your domain objectives.

Estimate of Compute, Storage and Other Resources

Provide an estimate of the scale and type of the resources needed to complete the work. Resources information is provided here to help you with this section. Please be as specific as possible in your resource request along with data supporting the request made.

  • Are there specific computing architectures that are most appropriate (e.g. GPUs, large memory, large core counts on shared memory nodes, etc.)

  • How much computing support will this effort approximately require in terms of core, node, or GPU hours? How does this break down into the number of independent computations and their individual compute requirements?

  • How distributed can the computation be, and can it be split across multiple HPC systems?

  • Describe the storage needs of the project.

Software & Specialized Needs

Describe the software applications you plan to use. If your group developed the codes, briefly summarize their use and performance on other resources. In addition, describe any specialized needs for completing your science runs (long-duration jobs, large-memory nodes, specific date or time constraints for completing the work, etc.).

Team and Team Preparedness

Summarize your team's qualifications and readiness to execute the project both in using the methods proposed and the type of resources needed.

Example Proposal

Here is an example of an Accelerate proposal.